I got game

“… And so, I think the concept that the Natural Theorists posited was in fact the basis of most of the laws we have in use today around the world. I mean, do you not think so?”

I look as everyone stares at me in shock. I just dropped a freaking dope take that would no doubt be used in the group project/presentation and now everyone in the group seems to be flabbergasted that I might actually have a brain.

Little did they know that I had stayed up all night developing my own point of view for the sole purpose of impressing Ilane with my brain. 

She could be a sapiosexual, who knows? 

And for what’s worth, she actually did look sort of impressed, her stare had lingered and she nodded more than she did for the other people when I was done talking.

The group discussion continued as everyone shared their own views on the topic. I mostly kept quiet after that, simply adding to the what other people said and vehemently defending my own point of view.

Ilane, who was the group leader was also quiet, listening to everyone’s views while taking down notes. Only speaking when the discussion may have gotten out of hand. I was mostly gawking at Ilane, but I think at some point they had started a debate about Lebron being more athletic than Michael Jordan. I have no opinion concerning that by the way, my only sports are track and football; real football.

By 6:30, everyone had already started hinting at the time, as it was already getting late. But I didn’t mind. In fact, I forgot about the time as watching Ilane look serious and working, was sort of interesting.

“So, everyone, I want you to send me a pdf on your findings and I would collate everything and send the finished work to the group chat.” She looks around then continues, “If you have any complaints or corrections, send a dm, I will respond immediately.”

“Alright boss.”

“Yes ma’am”

“For sure.”

And the group meeting came to a close with feet shuffling and pens being knocked against each other as everyone filed out of the study room.

This is my chance.

“Hey Ilane?” I shout as I jog trying to catch up with her.

“Nedu, what’s up?”

Alright Nedu, you practiced this last night. You can do this.

“So ermm, I have a competition coming up this Friday. And I would like to take you out after it?”

She looks… shocked.


“Is this how they do in Nigeria?”

“What do you mean?” I say, unintentionally laughing nervously; very nervously.

“No pickup lines? No cheesy jokes? Just straight to the point?”

“Err, well I thought about it, I even searched some jokes online, but you seemed like the kind of person who would not appreciate beating around the bush. So, I decided that I ask you out and pray for a mild rejection.”

She’s looking straight into my eyes as she breaks a small smile.


“Alright, you’ve got game” She replies.

“Of course, I’m Nigerian.” I say instantly raising my shoulders to give off some kind of confidence. “Is it working though?” I ask sheepishly, forgetting all the confidence from 2 seconds ago.

She’s now laughing, her eyes bright and her face literally glowing. She then replies, “I hope not. I’m supposed to focus on my books this semester.” She says giggling.

“Well, who would’ve thought? My middle name happens to be ‘Books’” I instantly reply, hoping my joke doesn’t fly over her head.

It didn’t.

She’s now laughing loudly, with her head cocked back and I can’t stop myself but laugh in response.

“Oh My God, that was the corniest line I have ever heard.”

“You think? Then you definitely haven’t searched ‘best pick-up lines for your crush’ before. Believe me, this is the least.” Which causes her to erupt in more laughter.

“You’re unbelievable.” She finally says, still giggling.

I let some seconds pass so that she can calm and then I look into her glittering eyes and ask: “So, are you going to be there?”

She pauses, then shifts on her feet a little then says, “Yeah, I’ll be there. Make sure you win; I am not a shoulder to cry on.”

I laugh lightly then say, “Not to worry, I am going to train now in fact. But just in case, I don’t think I’d want to use your shoulders. My pillow would be jealous.”

She laughs, again, and I have to admit, my inner child is having the time of its life right now. It’s probably on a sugar rampage right now because I’m really happy.

“Alright, I need to leave now, you’re killing me” She says as she starts walking away, “See you later Nedu.”

“See you later Ilane.” I say silently as I watch her walk away.

“Don’t sound so disappointed. Save your jokes for later.” She shouts back at me.

And I begin to smile. I begin to smile like a fool. She is amazing.

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