Author: Track Trail Athlete

  • The most heart-pounding race

    As I stand in front of the dimly lit entrance of the college pub, engulfed in the cool darkness of 7pm in Coquitlam, I couldn’t help but sweat profusely underneath my many layers. I’d probably be getting a lot of offers from Olympic coaches now. I might even have a fan club. I wonder if […]

  • Off the blocks

    I take deep breaths as I bounce nervously on my spike boots. The track as begun to look somewhat daunting and insurmountable in my eyes, but I know it is just my nerves getting the better of me. “Look man, you seem like a nice dude. But please stay away from my sister.” Nedu focus! […]

  • Committed Relationships in a small world

    Despite what you may think, I really was going to train after the group meeting. Even though I was spurred on by her statement, I had always planned on training. I’m not that down bad. Right? “What’s up Nedu?” I see Dami -formerly known as Derek- walking up to me with a duffel bag. “I’m […]

  • I got game

    “… And so, I think the concept that the Natural Theorists posited was in fact the basis of most of the laws we have in use today around the world. I mean, do you not think so?” I look as everyone stares at me in shock. I just dropped a freaking dope take that would […]

  • Ilane

    Ilane. As the name rolled off her tongue, I remember thinking very distinctly what a truly amazing name it was. It oozed class, beauty and flawlessness (and surprisingly, those are the exact words I would use to describe her). It would be an understatement to say the name merely fit her. In fact, I would […]

  • Butterflies in my stomach

    “Mummy Byee!!!” “Oya now, be careful ooo!” “Yes Ma!” “If you like come back late again today.” She then says, as she begins to laugh uncontrollably, pointing at me. The sting from her slippers is reignited on my back again, as I remember how she had speared me and greeted me with her rubber slippers […]

  • The Day Murphy’s Law Ruled

    As I race back to my class, I begin to calculate the impossible probability of the paper still being there. By ‘there’, I mean wherever I might have left it or rather, wherever it may have dropped. I even imagine considering the possibility that by some miraculous way the paper had found its way underneath […]

  • The 3 Day Rule

    She was beautiful. Her face dark, but beautiful dark, like refined dark smooth chocolate, with lips perfect in shape, size and suppleness, covered in luscious lip gloss pleasantly catching and reflecting the light off them. I was drooling, and I know I was drooling, I only hoped with my mouth shut. “Hello?” s___ I am […]

  • Transit: Lagos and Coquitlam

    As soon as I hit the ground, I wait in bated breath for the pain to wash over me, but I feel nothing. I nervously take a peek at my feet anxiously praying not to see it twisted beyond recognition. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see I had only tripped over a […]

  • Nigerian Mums

    Nigerian Mums

    “Chinedu Cornelius Agwu!!!” If you are familiar with Nigerian homes, you would know that when your mother wakes you up this way, you are in for some ‘’wahala”. It has been two months since we moved to Canada and I always thought that when we moved something would click in my mother’s head and she’d […]